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This Juice: Education + Resilience (OLD)

Parsons School of Design, 2015

Using various research and development methods, This Juice aimed to address urban resilience in the public education space. Our client, the Head Start Program (part of the NYC Administration for Children’s Services, Head Start Program) aimed to:

Help children in low income families to succeed in school with its 250 facilities in New York City

Provide regular medical care and checkups

Provide a program for children w/ disabilities

Educate parents as well as children with their “Fresh Start” program for adults

Support families, with emphasis on LGBQT community members 

Endorse racial equity

Our goal was to increase the efficacy and reach of this social program by examining the following questions:

How do community members view the program?

What other similar programs exists? Are they public? Private?

How do educators view the program? What are its flaws?

How is gentrification affecting their approach to helping children?